3 Common Causes of Bad Breath

Common Causes of Bad Breath

Talking about bad breath can be embarrassing at first, but at Noble Smiles Dentistry we understand just how painful the topic can be. While most people feel that halitosis should go away with brushing, a breath mint, or the right mouthwash…there’s more to it. In fact, there may be some situations where your teeth have nothing to do with how your breath smells! Here are 3 common causes of bad breath:

Common Causes of Bad Breath

Seasonal Allergies

One of the number one causes of bad breath is seasonal allergies. Having a post nasal drip and sinus congestion (combined with mouth breathing) can make for a stinky setup. As much as you want to rinse the odor away from your mouth, you need to start out by treating your allergy symptoms.

Severe Gum Disease

Advanced periodontal disease has a very unique smell that’s caused by deteriorating cellular tissue and plaque biofilm deep under the gums. The disadvantage is that deep gum pockets can’t be cleaned with a normal toothbrush and floss. Our team will need to complete a series of deep cleanings to create a clean environment that facilitates healing.

Medical Conditions

In some situations, you should discuss your bad breath with your physician or primary care provider. Underlying problems like gastric reflux, kidney failure, or respiratory diseases may lead to odorous symptoms that might be mistaken for everyday halitosis.

Treat Halitosis the Right Way

When you feel driven to mask the smell with a mint or mouth rinse, you may be doing more harm than good. Sugary mints and gums or alcohol-based rinses can create an environment where there are even more odorous bacteria.

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