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Noble Smiles Dentistry is excited to invite new patients to experience our unique dentistry experience. We take patients on a guided tour around our offices, exploring the treatment options and amenities we have to offer. Our new patients will meet the team, discuss finances and insurance in a relaxed environment and discover family dentistry made simple and convenient.

We do require that all patients fill out new patient forms. However, our forms are simple to understand and are designed to make life and treatment easier for our patients. A member of Noble Smiles Dentistry is always on hand to answer any questions you may have, so do not be afraid to ask for assistance. We are here to make sure all our patients are afforded only the best in dental treatments and technologies.

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New Patient Forms

New Patient Specials

As a new patient, we can also offer special deals to help ease the burden of paying for your dental treatments. Specials change frequently to ensure we are always offering our patients the best deals, so make sure to discuss what we have to offer on your first visit. We do not want our patients to worry about finances and insurance. Noble Smiles Dentistry makes finances and insurance easy, helping you navigate your options.

Most importantly, new patients are immediately welcomed into the Noble Smiles Dentistry family. You will find each member of the Noble Smiles Dentistry team friendly and approachable. When you leave our offices, you will feel confident your oral healthcare is in the best hands possible.

Would you like to become a new patient with Noble Smiles Dentistry? Contact Noble Smiles Dentistry family to arrange a new patient visit today.


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Finding the right dentist is important to everyone, even more so if the thought of dentist scares you. Just happens I was in the market for a new dentist when this one opened up. Gave it a try and I think I found a keeper. Staff was wonderful and the Doc. was great. Awesome atmosphere walking in and, in the actual chair. If you are in the market, I highly recommend!

Chris K.

The office is gorgeous and comfortable. Some offices can be over-decorated, and make you feel overwhelmed, but I feel at home here.
The doc is great! His laid back style makes everything flow so well!

Angela R.

Awesome Doctor! Amazing and very friendly staff. Definitely will enjoy going to the dentist now.

Pam D.

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