Chipped Tooth Repair

Although a chipped tooth is not an emergency, you should make an appointment with Noble Smiles Dentistry for a chipped tooth repair and general dentistry. A chipped tooth is a damaged tooth, which means there is a higher risk of decay or infection occurring in the tooth. The tooth may also make it difficult to eat comfortably or could cut the lips due to sharp edges. Your smile is also impacted by a chipped tooth, as the missing piece will distort the shape of your teeth.

Filling and bonding are the two most common ways of repairing a cracked tooth, depending on the extent of the damage. If the chip is causing pain, you may need to take medication while you wait for treatment. Noble Smiles Dentistry also provides urgent dental care, so we may bring you in for treatment sooner if you are experiencing too much discomfort to wait for a scheduled appointment.

Repairs to Cracked or Broken Teeth

Cracked teeth should not be left untreated as they may eventually become chipped or broken. Cracked teeth can also lead to decay or infection. Broken teeth are a more serious issue, as in most cases the core of the tooth will be exposed. We may be able to restore the original broken piece if you manage to save it.

Options for repairing cracked teeth include filling, bonding or veneers. For broken teeth, we can repair the original tooth. We can use fillings, crowns or a dental bridge if the original tooth needs to be removed. Treatments will depend on the severity of the damage, but Noble Smiles Dentistry will always choose the best option for your circumstances.

Noble Smiles Dentistry can carry out a preliminary assessment of your situation over the phone. Contact us today to arrange an appointment to come into the office and have treatment carried out.

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