Dental Bridges

What most people do not realize is that missing teeth have an impact on the surrounding teeth, gums and bone. When you lose a tooth, your other teeth are no longer offered stabilizing support. Nearby teeth may begin to drift and become out of shape. Noble Smiles Dentistry can provide you with a dental bridge to fill the gap from missing teeth. Both your smile and function are restored so you can eat, drink, speak or laugh without worrying about the large gaps in your teeth.

A dental bridge is a device which is affixed to anchors so you can have a permanent false tooth installed. The bridge is usually anchored to surrounding teeth, caps or dental implants. This treatment is a good option if you have a single or just a few missing teeth. Noble Smiles Dentistry will bring you in for a full assessment before we make a final decision on this cosmetic dental treatment.

Dental Bridge Benefits

Dental bridges are not only used to restore function to the teeth, they also have numerous other benefits. You will regain the ability to chew and speak more clearly, as the gap in your tooth can cause food to get stuck and affect your speaking voice. When there are missing teeth, it affects the shape of your face. Having a dental bridge will restore your face’s natural shape. Proper bite distribution requires a full set of teeth. When teeth are missing, your bite forces are affected, and it can cause wear to other teeth.

Even if you are not suitable for a dental bridge, Noble Smiles Dentistry can provide alternative treatments. You may need a partial or full denture, depending on how many teeth are missing. Dental implants are another option that may be a better fit for you.

Noble Smiles Dentistry provides dental bridges for missing teeth. Visit Noble Smiles Dentistry for a full assessment. Contact our Noblesville office today to arrange an appointment with our dental team.

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