Children’s Dentistry

At Noble Smiles Dentistry, children are our most important patients. We want to watch children grow up maintaining perfect smiles. Children’s dentistry is important as it sets the bar for how your children treat their teeth. Noble Smiles Dentistry accommodates family block appointments, allowing our families to experience excellence in dental healthcare together. We recommend arranging your child’s first appointment as soon as they begin cutting teeth or when they reach the age of one.

As soon as teeth start coming through, it is important to begin a soft cleaning regime. Even though children will eventually lose their baby teeth, it is essential they still keep their teeth clean. We see a lot of sports injuries resulting in chipped or broken teeth in children, so we can offer dental treatments to restore their smiles.

We Love Your Kids!

We love your kids so much that we are happy to provide them with entertainment at our offices. At Noble Smiles Dentistry, your kids can play on iPads, watch Netflix or TV and listen to music while they wait. We have also built a team of people who love kids, too. The focus of our pediatric dentistry is to help educate and empower kids to take better care of their teeth.

At Noble Smiles Dentistry, we understand that parents lead extremely busy lives. That is why we offer block appointments, convenience in scheduling and extended hours so you can manage to make your appointments without any undue stress. You and your kids will receive the treatments you need, and we get to keep educating your family on how to maintain or improve your oral health.

If you want a dentist who loves providing dental treatments for your kids, contact Noble Smiles Dentistry today. We provide pediatric dentistry services and have built our practice with a focus on helping busy individuals and families achieve the best oral health.

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