Root Canal Therapy

Root canal therapy is one of the most well known treatments in general dentistry but not always for the right reasons. Despite being one of the least painful dental treatments, root canal therapy has earned a bad reputation due to myths about the treatment. The result of these enduring myths is that many patients fail to seek treatment for severely infected teeth.

When the pulp at the core of the teeth becomes infected, it leads to painful teeth and can result in the loss of one or more teeth. Root canal therapy involves removing the infected pulp from the tooth, filling the space left and then sealing the tooth to prevent further infection. Noble Smiles Dentistry offers expert root canal therapy to our patients when infection poses a threat to otherwise healthy teeth.

Root Canals Offer Pain Relief for Infected Teeth!

At Noble Smiles Dentistry, we are dedicated to changing the perception of root canal treatment. Rather than causing unnecessary pain and discomfort, a root canal will provide pain relief for infected teeth. Recovery time after a root canal is relatively short, so you won’t experience much disruption to your work or home life due to treatment.

Because root canals cut off the infection in teeth, the risk of losing teeth is significantly reduced. Therefore, it is important to seek help as soon as you begin experiencing serious pain or discomfort. Infections of the teeth can spread quickly to other teeth and gums, leaving you in pain and making daily activities such as eating extremely uncomfortable. Noble Smiles Dentistry will take immediate steps to treat the infection and stop it in its tracks.

Before Noble Smiles Dentistry recommends root canal therapy, we will carry out a comprehensive exam. Contact Noble Smiles Dentistry to inquire about root canal therapy and other treatments available to you.

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