Tooth Extractions

A tooth extraction is often necessary when the tooth is too damaged to save. Noble Smiles Dentistry provides quick, effective tooth extractions to give you relief from pain. In an emergency, we can also provide same day dentistry. Our scheduling is convenient, meaning that busy patients needn’t suffer unnecessarily without general dental care. Most tooth extractions can be carried out in a single visit. After your appointment, we will evaluate your condition and discuss options for restorative dentistry.

Noble Smiles Dentistry can provide you with partial or full dentures, dental implants or dental bridges. We understand the thought of losing a tooth is daunting. However, with modern advances in dentistry, you will always have options for restoring your smile. Our team is friendly and understanding, so when you come to Noble Smiles Dentistry for treatment, you will be well looked after.

Wisdom Tooth Extraction

When your wisdom teeth start coming through they can cause a number of issues. There may not be room in your mouth for the new teeth. Crowding can cause the alignment of your teeth to change, resulting in crooked or out of line teeth. In some cases, a wisdom tooth will come through directly under a back tooth. In both of these scenarios, it is best to have the wisdom tooth removed in order to protect your smile.

Noble Smiles Dentistry will carry out a comprehensive dental exam to assess the position of your wisdom teeth. Due to the structure of our scheduling, we will normally identify wisdom teeth that need removal before you experience any issues.

If you think you may need wisdom tooth extraction, contact Noble Smiles Dentistry. We are your trusted dental practitioner in Noblesville, IN. When you visit Noble Smiles Dentistry for wisdom teeth removal, we will always provide the right treatment choices for you.

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